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What can a web site do for your business?? A web site doesn’t sleep or call in sick. It is working for you 24/7. A well-designed and well managed web site can do the following:

  • Serve as a customer service center, relieving your staff from time on the phone answering commonly asked questions. Plus, while a web visitor is finding answers to their questions, you can use that opportunity to sell to them.
  • Serve to generate sales leads. A client e-mailing for a quote or answer to a question has already pre-qualified him/herself by taking the time to actually send you the question.
  • Serve to build name recognition for your business or group. Having your “dot-com” is that little extra that makes your business stand out.
  • Serve to showcase your workmanship. Have a firm that does construction, interior design, pool work, painting, etc? This is a great way to show “before’s and after’s”.
  • Serve as an online catalog or online branch of your physical location.This location never closes....it’s open 24/7. It works while you sleep.
  • Serve to drive business to your physical location.
  • Reduce your advertising costs. Consider this....a web site is a Yellow Pages ad that can be changed at ANY time. Try that with the phone company!

A well constructed web site starts the same way as a well constructed house....with a solid foundation.

At Highland Design Works, we are professional in our attitude and approach. We meet with you, in person or via e-mail, and discuss your business before any design work begins. We want to know your business intimately. The better we understand your business, the better the design and function of your site. Since each business or group is different, then the design and look of their web site should be different. Any literature about your company is very helpful....especially if that literature has logos or graphics you would want integrated into you site.

 Have some specific ideas in mind for your site? Let’s hear them. We are very honest with you. If a certain design might slow a site down or make it confusing, we will tell you. No pulling punches. Then, we’ll present you with some alternatives to consider.

After the initial consultations, we will begin initial construction of your site. A basic, working model of the site is constructed and uploaded to the internet for you to view and critique. At this point, tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Modifications are made and then re-uploaded to the internet for you to view again.

Once we have the go ahead from you on the look and feel of the site, we proceed with the full fledged design of your site. Upon completion, we upload it to your domain (your “www”) and submit you to search engines. But, we don’t part company here, we are always available for answers to your questions and for support after the site is completed.

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