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                                                           Web Site Mangement

There are many things that can and should be done to promote a web site’s performance and effectiveness. Two of the most essential are:

  • Search Engine Submittal
  • Meta Tags or keywords

Search Engine Submittal  $100.00 per site submission(excluding paid placements such as Yahoo) for initial submittal. Resubmittals are available for $25.00 per month.

A web site that has not been submitted to search engines is, for all purposes, invisible. It has been found through research that most of the visitors to a site come there after having found that site through a search engine query.

A search engine is akin to the card catalog in your local library. Type in a subject or keyword you are looking for and the search engine returns with multiple matches to your search criteria. The object, with regards to your site, is to insure your site is near or at the top of those search results. These results come from the optimum use of Meta Tags (see below), submitting and constant re-submitingof your site to the various search engines.

Think of your site as one card in a deck of playing cards. If you stack those cars and your card is on top, it is the first one picked. But, if other cars are stacked on top of yours, then yours does not get picked first.

This is just what happens if your site is only submitted once. As other sites are submitted, you go further down the stack. But, if your site is re-submitted regularly, you stay near the top of the stack. A good rule of thumb is your site should be re-submitted monthly for optimum performance

Meta Tags  $50.00 per page

Meta Tags are the unseen, but very important bit of code that helps search engines find and categorize your site. Through optimum use of  keywords descriptive to your industry in the code of your site, your site will appear higher on search engine queries.

Web Site Backup  $250.00 per site

Your worst nightmare....your hosting company closes on you and you don’t have a copy of our site! Without a backup copy, it will have to be designed from scratch again! Always back it up!

Broken Links $100.00 per page

Nothing is more embarrassing than having a visitor click on a link and have it return a page saying “that page doesn’t exist”. We make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

Web Site Traffic Analysis  $150.00 per analysis  or $1200.00/year

Where a visitor enters your your site, where they came from, what search engine the used, when they were at your site, what were our peak days, what page do the spend the most time on?? Answers to these questions can enable you to optimize your web site for top performance. We provide you with a detailed analysis either in print or on CD-ROM.

Web Site Usability Analysis  $500.00 per analysis

To be blunt....does your site suck? Did you pay good money for a site that seems to just sit there. Through usability analysis, we can tell you what people do and don’t like about your site. Is it easy to navigate, etc? We will recommend changes derived from our analysis.

Web Site Optimization  $500.00 and up per site

An optimized site is one which loads quickly (visitors do not get bored waiting for it to appear on their browser), is easy to navigate and appears near the top of search engine results. We insure your site doesn’t have graphics and pictures that are just way too big in file size. A large graphic is a lead anchor on a site. We optimized all graphics for quick load times. Fees will depend on the size of your site and the number of graphics.

Webmastering     $100.00/month and up per site

Don’t want to be bothered with keeping an eye on your site?? Want someone else to handle the day to day upkeep? Then let us handle those chores for you. We’ll keep a daily eye on your site. If anything sems to be wrong, we’ll contact you and/or your webmaster (if that’s not us) as to any problems.



You can use your credit card to pay for your management fees. We use PayPal to process your credit card. We will send you an e-mail with your design fees. It will contain a link to PayPal to process your charge.

We can also set you up on a recurring charge if you chose monthly or quarterly services.




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