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Good Web Design

Elements of good web design---

1) Easy navigation
First and foremost, is it easy for a visitor to get to where
they want to go? An old rule of thumb has been, three clicks.
It should take a visitor around three clicks of the mouse to
find what they want. With some large sites this might morph
into 4 clicks, but it's the old saying---K.I.S.S.

2) Fast loading graphics
Nothing slows a site down more than pictures with a large
file size. Imagine waiting for a 2 megabyte picture to
download!! A visitor who becomes bored waiting for your
page to load, usually becomes an ex-visitor quickly!
We optimize graphics for quick download.

3) Good content
A web site is a source of information, goods or services (or all
the above). This is the source of your websites's value.
Give a visitor a reason to visit and revisit.

4) Browser compatibility
There are basically two browsers used today....Internet Explorer
and Mozilla Firefox. We insure your site looks the same
on either browser. We also check for compatibility in Flock.


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